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Why have Parish Pastoral Councils?

One of the outcomes of the Second Vatican Council (1960s) was the promotion of the Parish Pastoral Councils as part of the movement towards shared responsibility and shared service.  


Parish Pastoral Councils are a practical expression of the reality that by reason of our Baptism, every one of us is equal in dignity and responsibility when it comes to living and communicating the love and values of Christ in our world.

What is the role of the Parish Pastoral Council?

The Parish Pastoral Council is the leadership body that assists the pastor in achieving the cooperation of parishioners and staff in the task of carrying out the mission of the Church on the parish level.

The Council serves as a consultative body that identifies and prioritizes the needs of the parish and wider community, determines ways in which the parish can respond to those needs and evaluates their effectiveness.

Current Pastoral Council Members

Raymond Kelly, Chair                                                   Michelene Desroches, Vice-Chair

Rochelle Parker, Recording Secretary                         Denise Bailey-Jones, Correspondence Secretary

Deborah Grady                                                             Patricia Keller                                                                Dorothy Kutcherman                                                   Anthony Middleton                                                      Crystal Morris                                                               Sharon Norris                                                                Kathy Woodland Outlaw                                            Trudy Scott                                                                    Simone Wellington                                                      Darrin Williams                                                            

Meetings are held the 3rd Saturday of the month at 10:30 a.m.   All members of the parish are invited to attend meetings. Parishioners can bring issues before the council when attending a meeting or can contact any member as listed in the membership roster.

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